Whether you are looking for a Zaffah Band, A saxophonist or just a DJ to get your guests on the dance floor, we have several options to keep your guests entertained during your UAE wedding.

Dj & Emcee

Take a look and explore our experienced and professional DJ database below. When you find the DJ most suited for your event then simply click Read More.


We have sourced some of the best musicians in Dubai to ensure that our customers get the very best live entertainment Take a look at our musician list below.

Party Entertainers

You can work as an agency, representing entertainers for parties. Or, if you have the skills, you can be an entertainer yourself.

Dance & Special Acts

Customize Act that is presented by our team is actually a special way for promoting your business.

Children Entertainment

With various activities like swings, theatre, musical fountain, library, it’s a place where children with any interest will have fun.

Dance Performances

ACE Entertainment has his own professional dancers ready to entertain your events with a unique style and elegance. Our team is composed of males and females professional